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Positive Mindset Tips

Updated: May 2, 2021

Whether it’s the state of the world, mental health struggles, or just a bad day... we all have times that we find ourselves grappling with difficult emotions. Our emotions are waypoints on the journey to self-compassion and love. It’s important for us to learn how to acknowledge our difficult emotions, while also developing skills to move us out of that space and into a state of inner-peace and well-being.

Practice Gratitude:

Practicing gratitude has been shown to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and foster resilience in difficult times. Think of people, moments, or things that bring you comfort and happiness and try to express your gratitude for them daily! A good way to get into the habit of living loving gratitude is to keep a journal. Write down the things that you’re grateful for and watch how it transforms your daily life.

Cultivate a Sense of Positivity Within Yourself

Both negativity and positivity are contagious. You have control over what you give your energy to. By embracing people’s differences and focusing on the positive aspects of a situation, you are able to cultivate a sense of gratitude and well-being even within difficult moments. By cultivating a sense of positivity within yourself, you’re able to share that energy and light with everyone you meet.

Practice Positive Self-Talk:

Have you ever noticed that we tend to be our own worst critic? Over time, this kind of negative self-talk can wear on your self-esteem and ability. Be mindful of the varying voices in your head and try to only feed thoughts that feed your soul! Imagine the kind words that one of your loved ones might say about your efforts, and try to give yourself the same kind of loving kindness. Daily affirmations and positive mantras are a wonderful way to solidify your confidence and infuse your mind with well-being. We are all doing the best we can. Make sure to be grateful to yourself for all that you are, and remind yourself how much you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come. Love yourself daily!

Fuel Your Body With Positive Energy:

You can raise your energy and by fueling your bodies with high vibrational food. When you consume highly-nutritious, organic food, you are fueling your body and feeding your energy with positivity. Have you ever heard the expression, “You are what you eat?” We recommend eating colorful, delicious, food from the earth. It’s important to have a connection with where your food comes from and how it is prepared. Saying a prayer or a blessing over your meal before consuming it has been scientifically proven to impact the way our bodies digest and absorb nutrients. It’s important to allow your body to move into a parasympathetic state, becoming totally present and relaxed, in order to get the most energy out of your meal. A beautiful super food to incorporate into your diet is raw cacao. Raw, ceremonial cacao is packed full of nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins such as manganese, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin A. Energetically, it helps you to live in alignment with your heart and works on the central nervous system to provide a sense of peace and well-being. The amino acids in cacao also trigger the release of dopamine which has been proven to increase your mood, provide a sense of well-being, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Physical Activity:

Exercise facilitates the mind-body connection. What many don’t realize, is that unresolved trauma and negative emotions get stored in the body if they are not fully resolved. They show up as blocks throughout your energy system, and eventually lead to symptoms of pain, fatigue, chronic indigestion, or otherwise. Physical activity allows you to move those stuck emotions and releases endorphins to the brain that supports a sense of total well-being. Embracing your inherent mind-body connection helps you navigate emotions and during difficult times. You can move your emotions through the physical body by dancing, running, stretching, doing yoga, or jumping up and down. Anything to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Experiment and discover what works best for you!

Connect With Nature:

Connecting with nature connects you to yourself. Taking time to observe and deepen your relationship to nature allows the spirit of all life to come forward and gently teach you how to live. If you become aware of the presence of nature as a whole, you begin to realize that nature is not merely a collection of trees and rocks and animals, but a presence unto itself. Nature is not something to simply go out and enjoy (although you should), it’s something to be discovered within and around you, at all times. You are intrinsically connected to nature. By deepening your connection to the earth, you’re able to come into wholeness within yourself.

Strategies for moving through difficult emotions will never be “one size fits all.” We are all beautiful individuals with unique and valid emotions. Keeping this knowledge in mind, we will all resonate with different practices and connect with different paths. We hope that these positive mindset tips inspire you to explore different methods of moving through your emotions and learning how to take control of your mental health and well-being.

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