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The Heart of Kakow

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Kakow was founded with the intention of sharing cacao with as many people as possible. We believe that the medicinal properties of cacao have the ability to transform the world, by opening hearts and nourishing bodies. The spirit of cacao is loving, creative, and grounding. She helps us to move out of our heads and into our bodies, altering our mindset ever so gently. The indigenous communities that grow cacao match our excitement about sharing cacao with the world. This is because they too believe in its ability to alter consciousness and heal humanity.

Kakow supports indigenous communities by collaborating with global farmers and women’s co-ops. We pride ourselves on an equitable business model that sustains communities in need, by compensating them fairly for the hard work and love that they pour into harvesting and processing this super food. Our prices reflect a sustainable business model that is equitable for all. Revenue is evenly split by the farmers who grow and harvest the beans, the women's cooperatives that turn them into liquid magic, and our international partners who facilitate distribution.

We are passionate about high-vibration food! High-vibration foods are foods full of life force energy. This is created through the combination of the source and quality of your food combined with intention when preparing a meal. What we put into our bodies is the number one thing that affects our well-being. By nourishing our bodies with organic, raw, superfoods, we are elevating our vitality, happiness, and ability to influence the world in a positive way.

We are passionate about community care. Cacao is a beautiful tool to create community, intentional, space, and sacred ceremony. Cacao ceremony typically involves a communal gathering with a sacred circle, music and of course, ceremonial cacao. Used for at least 5,000 thousand years by a number of communities around the world, on a metaphysical level cacao serves as a tool for connecting to the energetic space of your heart, as well as to people around you. We hope that the products and resources we share will encourage people to cultivare community and spread love.

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