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Kakow [Kuh·kow] supports indigenous communities and women's cooperatives by connecting cacao lovers to the highest quality, organic, ethically sourced cacao in the world. We work with farmers in Guatemala and Brazil and are proud to share their stories and practices. Take a look around to learn more about the health benefits, history, and culture of cacao. 

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What is Cacao?

Medicine for the Heart

Cacao has long been used by indigenous cultures. The first people to grow cacao trees were the Maya, one of the oldest civilizations on the American continent. They used the cocoa beans as a barter currency to exchange for food or clothes, as well as for preparing a bitter drink, known as Xocoatl.  It was an integral part of Mayan culture and religious activities, often used as a ceremonial offering and referred to as "Food of the Gods." Cacao is packed full of vitamins and minerals, and provides natural energy through it's chemical constituents.

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